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We are working towards a world in which all development and application of science and technology contributes to a good future and wellbeing for the coming generations.


We had a very inspiring unconference on "Finding The Others In Impact Tech". Almost all of the sessions are available to watch on our YouTube Channel and all of them have been transcribed and have become part of our growing impact graph. Stay tuned for more updates on the Graph!

GITA unconference

Our interactive fireside chat goes into the 4th round: this time "GITA OnAir"takes place on May 26 at 17:00 CET with Fridtjof Detzner. He is co-founder of the well-known website builder platform Jimdo and is general partner at Planet A - a new impact investment fund & venture builder for highly scalable, impact-oriented young companies in Hamburg.

The central topic of this talk is of course seed-stage investments in impact startups in general. But it will be especially exciting to hear how Fridtjof came to the topic in the first place.

Fridtjof Detzner

Julia Profeta Johansson

Our interactive fireside chat goes into the third round: this time "GITA OnAir" takes place on March 23 at 17:30 CET with Julia Profeta Johansson. She is the founder and co-CEO of Remagine - a new financing platform that provides revenue-based debt capital for impact companies.

This will take us thematically beyond equity-based impact investments and we’ll highlight the approaches that are designed to help financially shape company growth without diluting owner shares. What is available in this universe beyond "equity" and why non-dilutive financing ideas are important for impact companies, is what we will talk about this evening with Julia.

Julia is an impact investor who built her career across banking, tech and venture capital. Having started as a mediaentrepreneur, Julia later joined Itau BBA, the main Brazilian investment bank, worked at Rocket Internet/Westwing and pivoted to find her meaning in the impact investing space, combining finances, technology and impact. She worked with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhamad Yunus, became a partner at Vox Capital, the main impact investing VC in Braziland founded Ella Impact, a global female impact network. Julia is passionate about impact at scale through capital and content, which materialized through the founding of Remagine

GITA on AIR with anja koenig

GITA - Collaboration Group Update

GITA Open Space with Alexander Felsenberg

GITA on AIR with peter brock

What is gita?

In the face of a high probability of climate chaos and social injustice, GITA provides a space for practitioners who focus on innovative applications of science and technology to move into a regenerative model for our economy (commonly referred to as impact/sustainable economy).

GITA looks at itself as a bridge towards building the new paradigm. As such it is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. One could also say that GITA is supporting the development of the capacities needed to support the ecosystem of the future. Such an ecosystem may function based on different parameters compared with today’s set-up.

This space must always nurture professional collaboration and action. It should be a space to meet the others in the fields relevant for of moving towards a good state of the world. GITA will stay independent of political/economic interests in order to be able to be a true agent for building the infrastructure for the future.

groups are the heart of gita

making impact mainstream


Mission: Generating positive influence on stakeholders for dragging more investors & innovators towards impact investing & generate campaigns, tools or other products for reaching out towards these stakeholder groups.



collaboration through understanding


Collaboration between the acteurs in deep impact ecosytems is a key issue for thriving the system. Collaboration in these eco-systems is different to the way of acting in normal business contexts. Collaboration is the fundament of it´s own culture and is based on collaboration of understanding.




impact measurement


Group 2 - Impact Measurement is looking at the challenges of impact measurement from an impact-tech start-up perspective and impact-tech VC perspective with the aim to bridge the gap between the two, allowing for more funding to impact-tech start-ups, more investments for impact-tech VCs and scaling of the impact-tech sector (in Germany).




the peoples fund


Mission: to create a framework for communities to enable commitment and management of funds towards positive impact.


  • TBA



upcoming events


My name is Thomas. I am acting steward of GITA Germany. Please feel free to reach out to me. We are looking for a second steward to share the responsibility!

Why I joined GITA?

We are living in a self-terminating design of civilization that is expending enormous cost on planetary and human ecosystems. These ecosystems are about to collapse.

One of the driving generator functions of this situation is the way we use and think about financial capital. While i don't believe that the narrow view we (humanity) have on this topic at the moment, i believe that GITA can be an important element in the transformation between civilization designs.

What are the specific areas that I would like to contribute to GITA?

I am strong in creating vision and grouping and motivating people around this vision. This is my main contribution.

I also know (as a consequence), how to construct and design community. This is my secondary contribution.
I can let go. If my contribution to GITA is fulfilled, i don't have to hang on to a role/position and instead, make space for someone else. This is my third contribution.

What am I expecting from GITA professionally and personally?

I expect to get to know and connect to the others on the journey towards a new civilization design.
I hope that some of the connections emerging out of GITA will play an active role in the other projects (NextNess, Pirate Academy, MOTHERLAND)

What is my commitment to GITA (time & financial)?

I can commit a varying amount of 4-8 hours per week to GITA. I can carry some operational expense (Notion, etc)


stay in the loop

Multiple working groups are moving the ball forward for GITA Germany, discussing in Slack, documenting in Notion, Conversing in Videocalls.
Stay in the loop, get access to the Signal, Slack, Notion and general updates once a week.
Join one of the groups, form a new one, take on a role, move the field forward.

thank you for your trust!

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