GITA presents: Up Or Down?

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On Thursday, January 21st at 19:00 (Berlin Time) GITA member Rene Wienholtz will kick off a series of conversations with leaders in the impact investing world.

This series of conversations opens a door into learning about the benefits of impact investing.

Peter Brock is the Investment Director in the 100% impact investing Family Office 4L Vision GmbH. Since 2018 he has been covering the role of self-employed family officer, strategic adviser and investment committee member of two entrepreneurial families. Within this latter role, Peter focuses his work with regards on the areas of holistic wealth management, setting-up and structuring of family offices, family governance advisory and succession solutions as well as M&A transactions and direct investment projects.

Peter is also a co-founder of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing, the federal German initiative for impact investing. He was also, until September 2018, Executive Director and Leader Family Office Services at EY (Ernst & Young).

He has 25 years of experience in Investment Banking, SME Corporate Finance transaction and Private Banking in groups such as Deloitte, WestLB-Group, HSBC, Sal. Oppenheim and IMAP.

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What people say about GITA Germany

Most of the time when people think about 'impact investment'  they see only the social part in it and missing the big business opportunity behind it. WLOUNGE as an ecosystem drives this message with our passion for diversity in the tech industry but also as MAGDAGROUP fund, to invest in VC or team that is building a product that doing GOOD for the society and the environment with great revenue and returns, I believe this is the new generation of investors that we see today and should lead the industry

Mali Baum

Mali Baum

Unternehmertum und Verantwortung für den Erhalt der Erde und das Wohlergehen des Lebens darauf können wir nur gemeinsam durch weitere Innovation zum Erreichen der SDGs und einer werte-orientierten Haltung aller Generationen erzielen. Es liegt in unserer Hand, was wir aus dem Lebensraum Erde machen.

Brigitte Mohn

Brigitte Mohn

Um die großen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit anzugehen, brauchen wir innovative, wirkungsvolle Lösungen! GITA kann und wird eine Plattform sein um Social Innovation zu beschleunigen.

Andreas Rickert

It is fundamental to come together as a community of like-minded investors and entrepreneurs to strengthen the concept of technology for impact and profit.
Technology is shaping our future and we need more capital with an impact lens being deployed towards the solutions that can tackle social & environmental issues at scale. GITA is fully aligned with what we are doing both at Ella Impact and Conscious Growth.

Julia Profeta Johansson

Julia Profeta Johansson

As an Impact VC we are convinced that technology driven Startups are a great solution to solve societal and environmental challenges. GITA is a perfect setup bringing together all stakeholders to accelerate tech entrepreneurship with positive impact.

Florian Erber

Wir haben keine Zeit zu verlieren! Die drängendsten Herausforderungen der Welt lösen sich nicht von selbst. Impact-Tech ist hier der Schlüssel, da Lösungen auf dieser Basis meistens global skalierbar sind und schnell eingeführt werden können. Um diese Kraft zu bündeln, brauchen wir ein massives Bündnis von Partnern in diesem Bereich. GITA.

Rene Wienholtz

Rene Wienholtz

Über Impact Investing wird in Deutschland schon viel geredet. Wir hoffen, dass GITA dazu beiträgt auch Taten folgen zu lassen und in den kommenden Jahren wesentlich mehr Deals für Impact Entrepreneurs zustande kommen.

Leon Reiner

Leon Reiner

The people behind GITA

Ben Mateev

Benjamin Mateev | GITA Germany

Thomas Schindler

Thomas Schindler | GITA Germany

Cecile Blilious

Cecile Blilious | Founder GITA

Leehe Skuler

Leehe Skuler | CEO GITA

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